Many people do wax their nose hairs and as far as hair removal techniques go, it is highly effective. It can however be HIGHLY DANGEROUS to wax your nose hair, many beauticians will happily wax their own nose hair but would never agree to do so on a client. The skin inside of your nose is very sensitive to heat and applying wax can result in burns and serious discomfort, in addition the nasal area is much more prone to infection than other areas of the body that people will typically wax.

If you do decide to wax your nasal hair then you should use hot wax rather than strip wax, but beware of the dangers. We would never recommend that you attempt to wax your nose hairs, it is also potentially very painful, it is painful enough plucking one nose hair yet alone pulling them all out at once Рespecially if you end up using unsuitable wax! It is also important to note that only the coarse and unsightly hairs at the bottom of your nasal passages should be removed, the fine hairs which line your nasal passage are very important and serve the purpose of filtering out dust and various other airborne particles, having no nasal hair could in fact make you ill!

The only painless and completely safe method of nose hair removal is to invest in a decent nose hair trimmer such as any of the ones featured in our selection of the best nose hair trimmers. A nose hair trimmer really doesn’t have to be expensive, a budget of $15 – $20 will buy you an excellent nose hair trimmer, either battery powered such as the awesome Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Nose/Facial Hair Trimmer or manual such as the excellent American made Groom Mate Platinum XL.

Those who suffer frequent nose bleeds or have had previous problems with their nose such as breaks or breathing problems should definitely never wax hair in their nostrils, they may find it particularly uncomfortable should waxing result in a bleed or inflammation. Whilst protruding nose hairs do look terrible, your health is always more important than your appearance and a nose trimmer is by far the safest option! Stay and take a look around our site, if a nose trimmer is worth buying then we have featured it!